the GazettE – Participating in T.M. Revolution’s new cover album「UNDER COVER」

the GazettE have announced their participation in T.M Revolution’s self-cover album entitled “UNDER COVER”, they will be featuring in the song “SHAKIN’ LOVE”.
The album is scheduled for release on February 27th and will feature many collaborations.

01. LEVEL 4 [Arranger & Guests: UZUMAKI]
02. Blue thunder [Arranger: solstice interest shore / Guest: Tomoyasu Hotei]
04. INVOKE [Arranger: kz (livetune)]
05. Last resort [Arranger: Kosuke Oshima / Guest: May J.]
06. -Monopolize dictatorship- [ Arranger: Daisuke Asakura / Guest: TATSUYA]
07. Love new theory of evolution – talk prized possession. [Arranger: Hiroshi Shibasaki]
08. O.L [Arranger: Satoru Suzuki / Guest: Yasuharu Nakanishi]
09. Burnin ‘X’mas [Arranger: INA]
10. SHAKIN ‘LOVE [Arranger: IKUO / Guests: the GazettE, Masayuki Hasuo, 385 bonanzas]
11. Out Of Orbit ~ Triple ZERO ~ [Arranger: SHINGO Agitato]
12. WILD RUSH [Arranger & Guests: VERBAL m-flo]
13 Albireo – Albireo – [Arranger: Tom H @ ck]
14 vestige – Vu~esutiji – [Arranger: Takashi Matsutani]
15. Tomorrow Meets Resistance [Arranger & Guests: HOME MADE family]

Limited Edition bonus:
16. Meteor – Meteor [Arranger: Onishi Shogo, Onetrap]

Source | edohsama

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